The simple way to help your parent(s) live their best life


Between healthcare, financial and legal matters, many aging adults find themselves overwhelmed.

For children who feel responsible for their parent’s well-being, it’s often a daunting and extremely time-consuming task that can result in costly or in some cases life-threatening outcomes if not properly managed.

Introducing Carent™

Carent™ is a digital tool that helps you organize, guide and manage your parent’s financial, health and legal well-being. Gain peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have the support they need to live their best life.

One Secure Tool to Manage all of your Parent(s) Well-being Needs

A Simplified & Gamified Experience

Manage your parent's financial, health and legal well-being through a simple, gamified experience that is more enjoyable and productive.

Peace of Mind with Security and Control

Carent™ includes industry standard security to help ensure your data protected and that you have full-control over who has access.

Personalized Guidance with the Smart Checklist

Instead of figuring out what you need to do to help your parent(s), Carent™ provides a personalize checklist based on their age. This remove the guess work.

Easily Create and Collaborate with Well-being Team

Assisting in your parent(s) well-being doesn’t have to fall solely on you. Carent™ enables you to create Well-Being Teams within your team.